Aldenham School, Founded 1597

Scholarships and Bursaries

A number of awards are made each year for exceptional performance in academic work, art (13+ and 16+), music, technology (13+ and 16+) or sport.

Bursary funding, subject to an annual review, is also available to support a number of students each year whose family circumstances mean that they would be unable to join or continue in the School, but where their potential of success is judged significant. Application is at the time of registration.

At 11+ and 13+, awards are made on the basis of performance in the Entry Test and a subsequent interview. At 16+, awards are made on the basis of GCSE performance and interview. All scholarship applications need to be supported by the candidate’s current Head Teacher.

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All Scholarships and Exhibitions are tenable from the time of the award until the boy or girl leaves the School. Holders of awards are expected to remain at School until they have taken their A Level exams and the continuance of the award is subject to satisfactory progress and conduct.

Parents whose son or daughter has a special ability in Art, Music, Design & Technology or Sport should inform the Admissions Co-ordinator well before the Entry Tests as an audition or portfolio of project work will be required.

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