Aldenham School, Founded 1597


Though there have been many changes over the past 30 years since Riding's was opened as a Day House in 1991, perhaps the most exciting is Riding’s becoming the second girls’ House. This is enormously positive for the Foundation and exemplifies the success of girls at Aldenham. In this location for many years it was originally a boys’ boarding house called School House Odds, and was allocated solely for day boys in 1991.

As a Day House, there is nobody who actually lives in the House. However, Miss Jones, the Housemistress has a study and sitting room where girls can arrange to see her. The House also has a large communal area, separate Year group rooms and its own kitchen.

House Information

  • Founded 1991
  • House Colours: Blue/Black
  • Housemistress: Miss Jones
  • House Captain: Eleanor Rees

Part of the
Aldenham Foundation