Aldenham School, Founded 1597


Riding’s was opened as a Day House in 1991. It replaced “School House – Odds”, which was the first House in the school when Aldenham was a smaller and entirely boarding community.

Our nearest neighbour, Leeman's House, (sharing the same building) used to be “School House – Evens”. Riding's takes its name from Mr George A. Riding, Headmaster of the school from 1933 to 1949. His legacy is seen in buildings such as the old School Shop and Tuck Shop (on the site of the new Sixth Form Centre), the Chapel, some additional classrooms and the system of Houses and Praeposters. Two brass plaques mark his time at Aldenham, one on the way to the Chapel and one on Top Field, a section of which is named after him. His portrait also hangs in the Dining Hall.

Riding's House has had many successes. We have, during our short history, won virtually all of the major sporting competitions, the House music competition, the debating competition and the overall House Shield. We were the first House to have our own distinctive kit and the first House to have our own scarf.

As a Day House, there is nobody who actually lives in the House. However, Mr Stephenson, the Housemaster, has a study and sitting room where boys can arrange to see him.

House Information

  • Founded 1991
  • House Colours: Blue/Black
  • Housemaster: Mr Stephenson
  • House Captain: Brandon Wolmark

The one thing about this school which I love the most is the house system. I'm a day pupil who resides in Riding's House, also known as the greatest house in the existence of Aldenham School. I joined in Year 9 and was incredibly fortunate to have been amongst a group of boys with whom I get along incredibly well. Every break and lunchtime is truly an event up in Riding's. Although it is a day house and therefore we don't spend as much time together as people in boarding houses do, I have still made friendships which I believe will last me a lifetime. The bond I have with my fellow peers after spending a memorable 4 years with them is one that will last for a while to come."

Year 13

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