Aldenham School, Founded 1597


Leeman’s was opened as a Day House for boys in 1991. It replaced “School House – Evens”, which was one half of the first House in the School when Aldenham was a smaller and entirely boarding community. Riding’s House, our nearest neighbour (sharing the same building) used to be “School House – Odds”. Leeman’s takes its name from Mr Alfred Leeman, Headmaster of the school from 1844 to 1876.

During his time at Aldenham, School Games flourished and academic work was consistently high. I would like to think that these comments could still be applied to Leeman’s House today. His portrait still hangs in the Dining Hall and the House Games room.

Leeman’s as a Day House, is home to around seventy boys aged 13 to 18 and is a thriving and busy community from 8.30am-5.30pm. Leeman’s boys can be identified around campus by their stylish pink and black ties and their distinctive pink singlets which stand out on School Sports day and the House X-country competitions. Boys can also earn themselves a House honours badge for exceptional contribution to Leeman’s, although it is rare to earn these before Year 11.​

Leeman’s House is a large building central to the school site. Each tutor group has their own day room to use as a base and there is a huge Games / Assembly room which plays host to the many House table tennis and pool competitions.

Mr Cornock, Housemaster since January 2015, came to Aldenham in 2009 as Head of PE and Football. He previously worked at JFK Catholic school in Hemel Hempstead before joining Aldenham as a tutor in Martineau's for 3 years, later becoming Assistant Housemaster. He enjoyed that role for two years before being appointed Leeman's Housemaster in January 2015. Mr Cornock has a study and sitting rooms within Leeman’s from where he runs the House. There is also a tutor study where his team of 6 tutors are based.

House Information

  • Founded 1991
  • House Colours: Pink/Black
  • Housemaster: Mr Cornock
  • House Captains: Max Mollenhauer-Starkl & Jon Sadiku

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